Why are we special and are we natural?

There are over 70 products in our product range, divided into several product lines: hair, foot, hand, face and sun care, massage oils and special use cosmetics.

All products are natural and are free from preservatives, artificial colourants and fragrances. They are produced using only fresh, pharmaceutically acceptable raw materials, primarily medicinal cold pressed oils, and by producing only small series, we try to preserve their high quality and natural properties.

In 2014, we have certified our Face care range Immortelle, with one of the most prestigious International natural cosmetics certificate NATRUE. We are the first company in the region that has managed to certify our products with this strict certificate that guarantees the natural origin of all the all the ingredients. For more information about NATRUE visit www.natrue.org

When designing our products, we try to use raw materials and medicinal herb extracts from local soil – e.g. calendula, burdock, walnut or lavender, and of course, Croatian olive oil. Olival products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products and/or by-products. All raw materials and final products are tested in the National Institute for Public Health. Many raw materials that we use in the production of our products come from local areas, which additionally increases the quality level so we can rightly say that each Olival customer gets the best value for money.

Product lines

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