• Natural shampoos

    Olival new line natural shampoos without SLS, paraben-free, with natural fragrance...

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  • Sun care line

    Croatian bestselling line of sun protection cosmetics. Based on extra virgin olive oil and cold-pressed cocoa butter. Join thousands of satisfied customers ...

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  • Wellness and spa

    Massage oil line intended for beauty salons. A combination of 100% natural cold pressed oils allow excellent spreadability, long massages and leaves the skin soft and supple.

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  • Immortelle face care range

    In late spring, amidst the rocks and karst of Kvarner and Dalmatia, millions of yellow flowers on immortelle strive modest and sublime.

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Olival cosmetics are based on traditional recipes, natural ingredients and new findings in technology and cosmetology. With 21 years of experience in manufacturing natural cosmetic, Olival and its team of skilled experts have developed high quality natural products for complete body care.

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Try out Olival natural cosmetics at one of our promotions, where you can get information about our products, samples, catalogs and flyers.

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