Private label

Thanks to our extended experience in creating new formulas and our practical knowledge of producing and registering cosmetic products, Olival has been manufacturing products for third parties for many years. Olival's experts have designed and placed on the market over 100 different products for other brands and companies.

Following the idea through from the very beginning to the final product is the model we have already put into reality for many large and small companies.

We are able to design formulas for and produce all forms of: emulsions, ointments, creams, lotions, shampoos, baths, gels, soaps and toners.

An important part of the process is producing all the necessary documents in compliance with the EU requirements, a process we have so far performed for every product that has gone to the market from our production facilities.

A well-equipped production plant, production in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice and the introduction of the very strict HRN EN ISO 22716 standard are a guarantee of the consistent and high quality of our products. Long lasting and good cooperation with the Croatian National Institute of Public Health allows us to register cosmetic products as special use cosmetics as well.

The possibility of producing small series with a contract that guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of the project is an important part of our services that we stand behind with our name and our past work.


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