About us

Olival Cosmetics has been carving its path in the field of natural cosmetics for years. We started 23 years ago. Development was gradual, beginning in the ground-floor of a family house, where Vlasta Pojatina, MPharm, the owner of Olival, came up with the whole story of the efficient use of natural ingredients and plant essences in cosmetics. The first product created was a foot cream that became highly sought-after and successful due to its high quality. The foot cream was followed by hair and massage oils and burdock shampoo, as well as a complete sun care line.

Today we are one of the most recognizable Croatian companies producing natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured following traditional recipes in a well-organized small plant in the west part of Zagreb, and as Croatian regulations regarding the production of cosmetic products are aligned with the European regulations, all Olival products meet the EU standards.

In 2013, we have finished the process of having our plant certified as compliant with the ISO 22716 – GMP standards for cosmetics, what make us the first company in Croatia to possess this prestigious certificate.

In 2014, we have certified our Face care range Immortelle, with one of the most prestigious International natural cosmetics certificate NATRUE. We are the first company in the region that has managed to certify our products with this strict certificate that guarantees the natural origin of all the all the ingredients. For more information about NATRUE visit www.natrue.org

Product lines

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